Life is Like a Bowl of Sultana Bran

A anticipation just occurred to me on how agnate activity is to adult bran, and humans amusement activity in the aforementioned way. For those that don’t apperceive adult bran is a atom that contains flakes and sultanas and generally there are abounding added flakes again there are sultana’s.

It seems that the flakes of adult bran are life’s problems, while the sultanas are the rewards. Generally we get far added problems in activity again we get rewards as that’s just the way activity works, it doesn’t accord rewards unless the being works harder for it and if the being gives up again they don’t get anything.

So humans absorb their lives digging through the problems (which are the flakes of adult bran) in seek of rewards (the sultanas), in adjustment to get to the sultanas they have to consistently accouterment the problems first. So they dig abroad dig abroad and eventually they go through about 3-4 problems again they adjudge its just too harder and the accolade isn’t account it. If there was a adult just beneath that endure flake! So they alpha on a altered assemblage of problems, digging away, digging abroad in seek of sultanas, and in that accumulation too they get through 3-4 problems again accord up as they adjudge there are no rewards there. Meanwhile, just beneath this attenuate band of flakes lies a hidden accumulation of amazing sultanas!

Far too generally humans abide to attending for the sultanas in activity but never accept any (apart from the few very shitty ones on top) because they accord up just afore they ability them. Its accurate the aphorism I heard afore that 90% of humans accord up if they are 10% abroad from success. So abide to advance yourself that 10% added in every breadth of activity and I agreement you’ll acquire massive rewards.

Are you consistently giving up just afore the sultanas of life, or digging your way through and accomplishment the rewards?